Saturday, November 1, 2008

WEEKEND UPDATE... with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler!

OK... so not really with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler. But a weekend update none the less... with Chelle', and Mari, and Denise, Nancy and Beth... you get my point.


I have tons to tell but will post tomorrow. Plus... God did something really cool today and He used both Beth and Kerry.. just wait till I share that.

Love you guys. Can't wait to read about the faithfulness of God in your hearts and marriages.


boutcrazy said...

I found your blog while listening to videos from Then Sings My Soul Saturday and one of the blogs I visited mentioned that you were doing the Love Dare. I jump around so much I can't remember where I came from to get here.

I'm doing the dares too. I actually work for the company that publishes the book and we have seen some amazing things happen with this book. I also have some links were others are doing the dares. Stop by when you get a chance. Look forward to reading about your journey.

Mari said...

It's been really interesting doing this. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and we have a good marriage. However - when I saw the movie and then you posted this, I thought I should do this - it wouldn't hurt!
One thing I've noticed while doing this is that I've become more watchful of little things I can do for Bob to show my love. I've also had episodes where I've been frustrated with him and after doing the list of good points - those frustrations seem so minuscule. I haven't mentioned to him that I am doing this, but I've noticed that he seems more patient and affectionate - like opening the car door more regularly... It'll be interesting to see what the next few weeks bring. Thanks Chelle!
I can't wait to hear your story!

Nancy said...

Oh yes, I have to agree with Mari, I too have a very wonderful husband and a good marriage but have noticed that I am more patient with him & his little quirks which now seem so trivial. Life is to short to fuss over these things.

Denise said...

This challenge has been such a blessing. I feel that my marriage is getting better and better each day. I find myself constantly wanting to find ways to make my husband smile. Thank you so much for doing this.

Chelle' said...

October 4th. That was the day I posted just how "bad" things were in our marriage. I titled it, "The Truth". I shared with you just how much needed to change in our hearts and marriage... that hope lacked... and fruit- well, there wasn't any.

I'd already said I'd host this Love Dare. But by that post, I wasn't sure. I mean, we couldn't resolve a thing. Communication was a mess. Hearts were hard and we were all about winning instead of working things out. Who was I to try to facilitate any kind of God-based marital challenge?

Oh, but God'll use a donkey ya'll. Amen?

Because we weren't starting till the 17th I distinctly remember HOLDING ONTO MY MISERY until I absolutely had to. I remember going into the 17th having to choose, big time, NOT to be standoffish and or mean in my words or tone.

Day after day it became easier to show patience, kindness, love. As I made the choice to do as God desired of me (despite the actions of my husband) God redeemed pieces of our marriage.

Within a week, the discomforts of "being nice" left the marriage and friendship starting peeking through.

Within two weeks, as the Dare started asking me to "sacrifice things"... it "felt" possible because I not only loved my husband but LIKED him and wanted to do what I could to show him.

Part of the sacrificing for me, as I shared before, was giving up what I've come to term, "Defecit Spending". He asked me not to spend money on lunches, lattes, iced teas...

I agreed all the while knowing I would miss many opportunities to be with good friends and their children at Chic-Fil-A, McDonalds and Starbucks...I've stayed the course and said no to those offers-I've left the check card at home...

And then yesterday morning I got an email from Beth (sailorcross) and this is part of what she had to say,

"Hi Chelle’!! I would love to get together when you’re in town!! But, I think I did read that you weren’t supposed to be going out anymore. This doesn’t count though, does it?... Beth"

I smiled because I'm excited to meet Beth- but then realized,I had sent her an email before the Dare to give up something and THIS DOES COUNT! I'll have to plan to meet her after we've eaten- maybe at a Barnes and NOble and bring my own drink...

And then GOD, faithful to meet me in my choices to honor my husband, facilitated this post from Kerry from Colored with Memories (on day 15).

"I wanted to let you know that you won my blogoversary giveaway! E-mail me your address and i'll get the STARBUCKS GIFT CARD sent off to you."

Did you catch that? A S-bux gift card? And yes, I put the caps on that because, COULD GOD BE ANYMORE PRESENT???

Beth, Kerry... thank you for being a part of this reminder that God tends to the details- that as I choose what is right in my actions by God and for my marriage that God meets me and shows Himself!!

October 4th. Our marriage was terrible. We were coexisting... and not well! And today, there is hope! Friendship, love, kindness, patience, selflessness... all present in our relationship.

Only by God my friends. ONLY by God.

kari and kijsa said...

SO wonderful you are doing this!! Inspiring!!

kjari & kijsa

heather said...

God is pointing out the planks in me so I stop dwelling on the sawdust in my husbands and most importantly providing a loving spirit inside me

sailorcross said...

Well, if this isn't just amazing of God!!!

Here we are--miles apart, with a chance to meet each other when you come for a visit. Then, no coffee, no Starbucks. Oh, well--I'd be up for Barnes & Noble.

And then--a Starbucks gift card for you--won in a contest!!

God continually amazes me, and He must REALLY want you and I to meet each other!! And I must tell you this--I'm really looking forward to this!!

Now, on to the other business of the day--I've fallen behind a little since I've added my two girls into the dare in addition to my son. I just posted Day 13 yesterday on The Power of Your Love.

And, Chelle', I didn't read your previous post, but it sounds like things were fairly down and out for you. I'm so glad that God is leading you and your husband in the right direction, healing your hurts, and leading you both back to your original love for one another.

As for me and my kids--This has been a big challenge for me. If you've been following me along on my own blog, you can see that there are a lot of past hurts that have not been forgiven and healed in my children.

They are adults, but sometimes still act as teenagers.

But, what I've learned most so far is my own reactions to them--through a lot of self-examination (and sometimes it was very painful) I've learned that a lot of the problem was ME!! Imagine that!!

In the changing of how I treat them, how I react to them, how I talk to them, just how I love them--they have come to confide in me more, talk to me more, show me more respect.

I'm not even halfway through, and I am so glad that I was brought here. God introduced me to Peggy who had this posted on her blog, so I decided to look into it.

And just last night--there was a comment on my blog from someone who is having problems with her daughter--asking me if she could do this long distance with her.

See how God is working?? We're all in this together, and He's sending new people, too!!

I'm just so excited about this. I hope I catch up soon!!

And, I can't wait to meet you, Chelle', with your Starbucks gift card in hand!! Thank you, God!!


Colored With Memories said...

wow, that's so exciting. God is even in the little things, isn't He!?!

I'll put it in the mail tomorrow...when i mail things to my friend in lititz i think it takes 3 days...hopefully that is in time!

blessings to you as you continue this love dare challenge.

Denise said...

Chelle, I praise God for His working in your marriage.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that you're ot supposed to meet your friends at all or is it just in moderation?