Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Say a Prayer...

Hi friends. My dear friend Tara is in her 29th hour of labor with her daughter. This is her first delivery as her first child Charlie, was delivered via surrogacy. She has been on pitocin since this morning and has had her water broken.

This has been a challenging labor thus far. Could you please remember her in your prayers throughout the day? She is so grateful to be delivering this little girl that I know she isn't complaining about the pains or discomforts.
Her sister has been handling the blog updates... look how sweet she is here with her husband. (The running joke while she walks the hall has been her belly- she has a monitor on her that makes her belly look big... she is a tiny little thing.)

Feel free to link over to her blog to offer her a word of encouragement.

Thanks so much!!


Tracy @ our Journey said...

Wow! It hurts me just looking at that photo ;o}~we will be praying for a healthy baby.

Mari said...

I'm going to visit her, but I hope I find that baby has been born!