Sunday, January 4, 2009

The truth about Santa...

There's a dirty little secret in the "W" house. It surfaces every year sometime after Thanksgiving and remains in the air till early January. It's particularly controversial in Christian circles... and the perpetrator of said secret- my 4 year old daughter.

There, I said it!It's an ironic turn of events.

There are two children before her... neither of which believe now, nor ever believed, in Santa. And rightly so, as Paul and I decided early on in Brenden's life, to exclude Santa from our Christmas beliefs and traditions. We never wanted our children to believe in something that wasn't true and then come to us at some point with the question, "Well, if Santa wasn't real... does that mean Jesus isn't real either?"

Kylee, against all familial input and direction, has decided that Santa does indeed exist and is worthy of all hope and love. And I will admit, her zeal for Santa is adorable.

But it got me to thinking...

How many of us believe with everything in us, in something UNWORTHY of belief? or hope in something that is hopeless? or truly wait for the arrival of something that doesn't exist?

I know I have. And do. I could write a long list of areas where I believe, hope, love... foolishly. Believing I will become who I am supposed to be without investing time and or treasure into the kingdom of God... hoping to be a size 6 without dieting or exercising... waiting for my relationship to become that of Cinderella and Prince Charming despite the fact that storybook endings are unrealistic and damaging to actual relationships.

I wonder what would happen if we put the zeal we have for our "Santas" into our relationships with God. If we believed, hoped, loved... God the way we do the things not of Him that yield minimal returns...

Just a thought...

Praying we place our faith, hope and love not in the things of this world but in an eternal God who loves us with an unfailing, never-ending, hope-filled Love.

Happy 2009 Friends!


Joanne said...

Paul and I were heathen dogs when we met...we were saved when our oldest was eight. That meant that Santa was a well known character in our home by then.

Thus, we have had Santa, but in small quantities. I fully understand Christian families who exclude St. Nick completely, but have had the unfortunate experience of the children of these families, feeling it their duty to share the truth with my children. Ahhhh...the love of the body of Christ can be a wonderful thing at times!

What a great point you make though Chelle. What if we BELIEVED this same way?!?

Christ asks us to have the faith of a child, and on one cold day in December, I see exactly what He meant by that.

Happy New Year friend!!!

Mari said...

Great post, Chelle! I too, have believed in things that were unworthy. You make a good point.
Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

Your right Chelle, all of us have those hidden beliefs that we need to let go of and turn to the One true belief that is eternal.

Colored With Memories said...

i love how you wrapped this post all together...

does your extended family play santa? early on we weren't going to do santa at all with our girls but it seemed impossible given the rest of our family and we became cowards.

that little K has a mind of her own! may she use that determination and zeal to ultimately glorify HIM.