Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night... Wargo Style

Though the Squirt/Pee Wee 2011-2012 Ice Hockey season has ended...  the 2011 Xbox 360 NHL season continues on... (our TV ;-)  And it is a family affair.

Here's the thing- getting ready to play Xbox resembles gym class in middle school.  There is a steady stream of "Be on my team!"- "I'm not playing with her!" and "Can we please just get started already?" circling the room.  Inevitably, Someone is handed a battery-free remote... Someone skates around everyone and scores constantly.  Someone leaves punished.  Someone leaves in tears.

I on the other hand enjoy watching the lot of them.  I know they seem quite sedated in the picture but make no mistake, Caeden rarely plays any game without bouncing up and down while screeching.  Kylee rarely plays any game without being sprawled across the floor (and/or upside down on the couch)... and Paul- well, he insists the children do the opposite of what they usually do in an attempt to throw them off their game :-)  Paul is unapologetic about gaining the advantage.

Ahhhhh,  I do so enjoy Friday nights.  (My daughter just said, "I don't even know which person on the screen I am... how is it that she is still unaware of her inoperable remote??)  I wouldn't trade these event free, stay at home, Xbox moments for all the "treasures" in the world.

Oh... here's an end game picture for you...

(In case you're wondering- Caeden's the one bouncing, Kylee's the one upside down in the game chair and Brenden- well he is upstairs... punished.  Looks like Paul's the one in tears tonight as Caeden crushed him!!! )

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