Friday, March 23, 2012

My Boys...

Apparently I neglected to mention that I still have two boys in the last post.  Realized this morning as I pulled up my blog that I didn't post one picture of the preteen beings that reside under this new roof of ours :-)

So here's the rundown... Brenden, now 12, spends most of his waking hours (and truth be told some of his sleeping ones) on the ice.  He lives, breaths, and sometimes eats, HOCKEY.  He spent this past year as the center for the Mon Valley Thunder Pee Wee Team. 

 Pause for unashamed bragging here- 



MY BOY!!!!!  

Man, I love that kid.  I suppose I should also mention that he has adjusted quite well to our new life in the North Hills.  He loves school, has great friends right on our block, and spends a TON of time playing street hockey, riding bikes and trolling the neighborhood.  

As for Caeden... he is our resident rebel.  Refuses to be mainstreamed.  Loves to be different.  Has his own tune and marches to it.  I. LOVE.  IT!!!  He too plays hockey.  To be honest, he took to the ice like a fish in water.  He is speedy, has great stick handling skills and is a real leader on his Mon Valley Thunder Squirt team.  He was the top scorer this year and had several "hat trick games".  He was so fun to watch that I can't find a single picture of the kid on ice.  Terrible parenting, I know.  :-)  I did, however, come across this beauty of a video.  He is practicing his jumping rope skills for a school event the following day.  


I'm sad to report that it took us till Caeden was nearly 10 to figure out CHUCKS are the PERFECT shoes for him.  He picked these in multiple colors and I happily paid for each pair.   

The very moment my boy turned TEN.  Happy Birthday, Caeden!!

I'm ending today's Ode To the Wargo Boys post with a pic of my boys (all three) at Niagara Falls.  It was their first visit... and it was a quick one as they stopped on the way home from an ice hockey tournament in Rochester, NY a few weeks back.  Apparently it was a bit sunny that afternoon.  :-)

Until next time...

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