Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Card

I happened by Kylee as she was making her teacher an Easter card.  I asked her what she was working on and she said, "Mom, it'll say, 'Happy Easter Miss Schurman' and then it will have an Easter Bunny and a Basket on it."

I told her that was nice but wanted to confirm she knew why we truly celebrated Easter.  She then responded, "Oh.  OK.  Then I'll draw a cross with a bunny and a basket"

I couldn't help but giggle and think to myself, "Sure hope the bunny's not ON the cross when the card is finished"


I'm happy to report the card is finished and no, the bunny is not on the cross.  And yes, Kylee knows the reason we celebrate... TRULY CELEBRATE.... Easter.

Jesus wasn't on her cross.  And for good reason.  He isn't dead or buried.  He is ALIVE.  RISEN.  Preparing a place for us.

We have hope and life because of His resurrection.  We may decorate eggs, fill baskets and wear our finest garments to church but the reality is- We are alive in Christ today because He was dead on a cross 2000 years ago...  and didn't STAY THERE.

Let our Easter celebrations continue!!!


Nancy said...

So true about Christ and, that is a cute story about your daughter

Mari said...

Chelle! I'm so confused. Why did I think you weren't blogging anymore and how did I lose you from my Google Reader? I have no answer but I'm glad to see you here again.
Love the header picture - such cute kids and they are sure growing.
You asked about a recipe for the rolls on my blog. They are frozen Rhodes brand - set out to raise and then bake. :) Can't get much easier than that!

Chelle' said...

Thanks Mari! I will look for those rolls. They looked amazing.

And Hi girls!! I missed you. Didn't have access to a computer for a long while. Recently bought a Mac Book Pro so I am back online. Slowly getting back into blogging. It's been a while and Blogger sure has changed :-)