Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

"We call it 'Good Friday' because we know how it all worked out, but the disciples would not have agreed at the time"
Anita Renfroe

I read this today.  It has kept my attention throughout the day.  It is indeed "Good Friday" because we know that had this day not occurred 2000+ years ago we would not have life.  Life eternal.  

It is "Good Friday" because the One who is Good, the One who is God, climbed upon that cross willingly.  He allowed the people who just days before cried out Hosanna in the Highest to condemn Him to death by crucifixion for sin He'd not committed.  

No doubt the disciples struggled with this...  Certainly Thomas did.  He refused to believe not only until he saw the nail scars in His hands but until he placed His finger to them.  He needed to place His hand to the scar in Christ's side... Oh Doubting Thomas.  How you confirm what I already know... we're not so different the two of us.  And he wasn't so different from the other disciples.  But now we know... 

It is "Good Friday" because though He was beaten, bruised, and nailed to a cross- though He was crucified, dead and buried... HE.  ROSE.  AGAIN!  

It is "Good Friday"... because Sunday's coming!!!!

As I sit here today, I'm so thankful for Good Friday.  And I'm ELATED for Easter Sunday.  Oh to sing with the angels, to glory in the King, to celebrate the RESURRECTION and LIFE of Jesus!  

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