Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Update and Prayer Requests

I had the best morning.  Truly.  Up by five to get my house in order and spend time in the word/prayer. I covet those moments I can have with the Lord while others have yet to rise.

Once all the kids were on the bus I met my best friend at Panera for hot tea and fellowship.  Time spent with Stacy always ends up being time spent with the Lord.  So grateful for friends like that.  While at Panera, I ran into a dear friend who recently endured a traumatic brain injury and continues to recover.  On Monday she will undergo another surgery to replace a portion of her skull that was removed to allow her brain to swell immediately after the accident.  Though we've never discussed faith and or God I asked her if I could pray for her upcoming surgery.  She was sweet to oblige.  While I asked God to move on Megan's behalf, and continue to put his hedge of protection around her and return her to her favorite things like biking, running, swimming and teaching I noticed she was in tears.  I ended my prayer only to hear her apologize, "I'm sorry for crying.  It's just that those things you prayed are exactly what I want. "  My heart nearly exploded.  Please pray for her surgery, recovery and relationship with the one who is able to heal her both here and for all eternity.

In other news, I had abdominal surgery 2.5 weeks ago.  My recovery has been wonderful and I feel nearly 100%.  (Minus the fatigue- which they say will continue for a while)  God has been faithful yet again.

I'm spending a lot of time reading the book of James... reading a new book, Covenant Marriage, by Fred Lowery... and seeking Him in worship, word and prayer.  A few songs that I have playing on repeat include Oceans (Hillsong United), Mercy Mercy (Hillsong United) and Great Are You Lord (All Sons and Daughters)  Don't link to any of these songs if you're not prepared to be face down in full on worship mode :-)

Lastly, my marriage is struggling.  Deeply.  Has been for a while which is why I haven't blogged.  Please pray.

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