Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Girls' Only Road Trip

I threw Kylee in the car last Thursday night and headed East on the turnpike.  She hadn't a clue of our destination.  We drove to grandma's, to her surprise AND delight.  She snuggled with grandma for a few minutes and then it was bedtime.  We had an early start on Friday.  

We left at 7am on Friday.  Headed East once more.  Within three hours we were having brunch with Mom-Mom.  We don't get to see Mom-Mom very often so brunch was such a blessing.  

By noon I informed Kylee it was time to get back into Charlotte.  NJ, NY, CT and finally MA.  She's the best road trip buddy, ever.  

I revealed to her our reason for the trip.  A christian artist that she adores was giving a concert/night of worship and we'd been gifted tickets.  We stopped in at the venue and saw Meredith doing her sound check.  It confirmed in me that this trip was the right trip for the weekend.  I needed a night of worship. Kylee was so excited.  Especially when she found out we had tickets for her pre-show meet and greet.  

We grabbed some dinner and then returned to the venue for the meet and greet.  Meredith Andrews came in and instantly looked at Kylee and said her name.  She was so sweet to make her feel so special.  She informed the room that we had traveled 9 hours for the concert and said she was honored.  She spent a good bit of time talking with Kylee and making Kylee smile.  

Within minutes it was "concert" time.  Meredith came out on stage and again, made sure to highlight our travel, thanking us in front of all in attendance.  Kylee couldn't help but squirm and giggle.  She said, "Mom, she really is so glad we came."  *How sweet* 

Meredith sang many of our favorite songs.  And between them she PA-REEEEACHED!  She is by far one of my favorite artists.  Her honestly, vulnerability, wisdom and talent are nearly unsurpassed.  And her "concert"... well it was much more of a night of worship.  She sang Revelation Song!!!   As my boys would say, "Ughhhhh!  The 8 minute song"  I loved every second of it.  

We really enjoyed our time with Meredith!!  She is authentic and a wonderful role model for your growing girl.  

After the concert we had the opportunity to CAR CAMP!  Seriously.  We parked Charlotte (our Pilot) in a rest stop, put all the seats down and inflated a queen size mattress.  Kylee thought I was the coolest mom in the world.    I'm fairly sure I am as I surprised her with freeze dried ice cream to complete the car camping experience.  :-)  It didn't take her but a second the put the DVD player down, headphones on and fall comatose into Oz, The Great and Powerful.  

She slept soundly thru the night.  An amazing accomplishment considering it was 30 degrees and I was FROZEN solid.  At 3am I turned the car on just to blast the heat.  By 6:30 I was ready to start driving JUST so I could have heat blowing on my face and feet :-)

We jumped on 95S in CT.  A great drive.  Quite aesthetic.  About an hour into our drive I told Kylee I was pulling off to find the beautiful homes/yachts we kept seeing off the highway.  Our jaunt led us to Rye, NY... or as I will refer to it from now til forever, "Heaven on Earth."  The most beautiful, lavish, pristine area I've ever laid eyes upon.  See for yourself.  

I hate to say I told you so but in this case... I'm right aren't I???? Rye, NY.  Heaven on Earth!!  We loved our short visit.  We'll visit again... soon. 

We drove the rest of the way back to central PA and spent the afternoon napping.  We were also able to have dinner with Paul's mom.  Something we don't get to do often, which was nice, and then traveled back to Pittsburgh the following morning.   

It was a wonderful, whirlwind, weekend.  Kylee is a great road tripper... This will NOT be our last excursion in Charlotte.  

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