Saturday, November 23, 2013

Growing Kids...

My kiddos seem to have grown up.  Not sure when this happened but not long ago 2/3 of them brought home their school pictures.  

Brenden, our oldest, is in 8th grade- his last year of middle school.  Over the past year he has grown in both inches and knowledge.  He is funny, smart, kind and a bit of a class clown.  He excels in "noise" (dub step) broken spanish (second year) and ice hockey. He is far too cool for a class picture so you'll have to "see him" in your mind's eye.  :-)

Caeden, my middle child, is in 6th grade.  He is witty, intelligent, soft spoken and athletic.   Like his brother, he too plays ice hockey and he still loves his mama which is a bonus.

Kylee is in 4th grade.  She is kind, friendly, compassionate, and sensitive.  She fights for the underdog and is a great friend.  This year she participated in both recreational and competitive cheerleading.  She loved it so much she had her school pictures taken in her uniform.  

I am blessed to be called their Mama and don't take one second of our time together for granted.  They make me laugh, cry, beam with pride and fester with anger  sometimes all in the same day.  I am all the better for the time spent raising them and pray they are growing in grace and truth every step of the way.  

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