Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Professional Atheletes and Celebrities. 11.26.06

SURPRISE! Who knew I'd be back to post so soon??

I have a funny story so I wanted to be sure to blog it so as not to forget. A few weeks ago I was at teh Waterfront, where I work, and stopped into Starbucks for a latte. It was quite dead in the Starbucks so I ordered my drink and made my way to the counter to pick up my drink. As I waited I found myself STARING at a very large man sitting at a table w/ a friend. When I say large... I mean LARGE- to the point that his bent legs didn't fit under the cafe table. He was wearing sweats... but not sweats like I have. Sweats that appeared to be worth more than my car. I recognized him. And I suppose I should have.... I'd been staring at him for minutes. Finally he looked up at me as though to say, WHAT? I looked back and said, "You look familiar... Do you play for the Steelers? " to which he said, "Yeah"... I paused and said, "Porter? Joey Porter? " to which he said, "Yeah".... so I said, "I'll have to tell my husband that I saw you." to which he said, "Yeah, most wives say that." I had my camera, and the kids, but refused to ask him for a picture (Though I really wanted one) because the poor guy was just trying to relax and drink coffee with a friend... and because I knew Paul would kick me for bothering someone for a picture anyway so I walked out the door smiling and told Brenden on the other side of the glass so that he too would smile.

I bring that story up today because I ran into someone else today and have now decided that hte Waterfront can now be termed Land of Opportunity in regards to potential celebrity run ins.

Today for instance... on my 15 from the Gap I headed over to Panera and stood in line for a Cinnamon Scone (all my WW friends... disregard the last sentence.) While waiting seemingly forever for help with my scone I noticed someone else in line behind me waiting and waiting. In true form I turned to the guy behind me and said, "I wish these people understood that I only get a "15" in which I need to get my latte from Starbucks and food here to sustain me for the rest of my shift... and that I don't have 20 minutes to stand in line just for my scone." The guy abruptly responded with, "Yeah, me, I just want honey. Do you think they have honey? No just here. I mean I hope they have it here but Pittsburgh in general, do you think they have honey here in Pittsburgh? " Completely taken back by this guys response I shook my head and said ,"Whoa- um, yeah, I'm almost positive Pittsburgh has honey. And well, you may even be able to get some here whenever the girl actually takes our order... but if not here I am sure you can run over to PFChangs for honey. Afterall... don't a lot of Chinese dishes come with honey? " He started laughing and said, "Have you ever been to the Improv? " I said, "The Improv? No. Responding Yes would mean that I took time to do fun things and well, I don't. I raise three small children- that's all the Improv I can muster. " He laughed and said, "The Improv is right over there and is Standup Comedy... you should check it out. You'd be great." I laughed a bit and then said, "So, I suppose you've been to the Improv? " and he said ,"I was just there last night- I did a show." (This is about the time I found myself completley confused and in need of clarity.) Thankfully... the Panera girl came back to the counter and said, "Um, this is Jamie Kennedy- comedian" NICE! I kicked it into high gear and said, "Sorry- you'll hav eto forgive me. I don't get much TV time in... what with three young kids, a job and all. BUT... I can tell you I've seen your Spoof show before!" He laughed. I then said, "Can I ask you, Do a lot of people ask if they can take a picture of you and them with their cell phones? " He said, "Yeah, you can have one." To which I responded, "No... I don't want one but I wondered with technology and all... I wondered if you heard that a lot because everyone seems to have a camera all the time now." He stared straight at me with his mouth open- "You don't want one???" To which I backtracked and said, "Oh.. sorry, again, not really how I meant it. It's just that we see a lot of celebrity types here at the Waterfront. The Steelers frequent this area a lot as their training facility is just down the road... and my husband, well, he has made me commit to NEVER asking a pro athelete for their autograph, or picture as they are just trying to eat, drink and or hang out. I'm just putting you up there with pro athelete and not asking to take a pic with you... AND well, I'll stop talking to you now so you can get and eat your honey. " By this point he was just laughing out loud AT me. He said, "You really need to head over to the Improv... you'd be quite funny." I told him I'd think about it and if he wanted to head over to the Gap and fill out an application for a Gap card I'd love it as I am behind in my quota for G.C. 's today.

Sadly, for me, he didn't come. BUT... he has me thinking about Stand Up. :)
All this to say that I will keep a running tab of Pros and Atheletes that I see at the Waterfront BUT won't ask for a picture. I'll update them all on my blog!!! :)

Thanks for reading.

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