Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reasons To Be Grateful... Count Yourself to be One of the them. 11.23.06


So much to catch up on which is why I haven't posted as of yet... the perfectionist side of me figured I had to recap everything that has happened in the past two months and well, I became overwhelmed and just kept putting it off. In the spirit of the holiday I now realize that even if I can't remember all that I'm grateful for... I AM GRATEFUL and thought I would post.

First- let me assure you my turkey is cooking (since 7:25 this morning), the green beans have been cut, the yams and apples have been sliced and layered and the cranberries have been boiled in the apple cider with cinnamon sticks. I am well on my way to EATING.

Now- a few recaps... my niece... just finished her next to last round of Chemo. She is home today from the hospital to celebrate Thanksgiving and will go back to school with all the other children on Monday. She is very excited. Talk about something to be Thankful for... the Dr's didn't give her the first weekend after she was diagnosed... told my sister she wouldn't survive and here she is to eat Pumpkin Pie today. WOO-HOO!!!

B-boy went and turned SEVEN. I can't believe it. (Sidenote, typing seven in all caps made me think about George wanting to name his child Seven on Seinfeld... anyone who saw that episode surely is laughing right now.) Anyhoo... my son went and did that. Turned seven. Unreal. No big party this year- just a family party at Boston Market for lunch (an employee there has really taken to our children and literally set up a table with tablecloth, balloons and a cake and ice cream. How sweet!!) Miss Regina- THANK YOU so much for celebrating Brenden with us. You made our day extra special. We also took him, at his request, to Kid Company (like Chucke Cheese) for the day. It was a lot of fun as we did Lazer Tag as a family. (Mom won of course) and bumper cars... arcade games and lots of running around. We also had a Jango Fett cake that B-boy loved. It was a day FULL of Star Wars gifts and kids in costumes.

For school B-boy (and siblings) toured Trax farms. They learned about different types of gourds, took a hay ride, climbed a mountain of pumpkins, learned how apples are picked from the trees and cleaned... and learned how honey is made. (We actually saw the worker bees and their queen.) We love Trax farm so we particularly enjoyed this tour.

The medical side of my update... I have lyme disease. (Please catch the tone of annoyance in my writing) I really hoped it would be gone by now but it is still here in full force disrupting my life. This past month I actually had to stop taking medicine because the medicine caused ulcers in my esophogus and stomach- stopping the meds caused my muscles to waste and made me take time off from work etc. Not sure what will come of me but I am hopeful that one day the Lord will intervene and relieve me of this battle I face daily.

And the highlight of all highlights... K-girl went this past weekend and had her ears pierced. SHE LOVES THEM. I had tried to encourage her to get beautiful light purple gemstones... you know the ones... her birthstone. But she wouldn't hear any of it. She picked "Little yellow balls" and wouldn't turn back. To my complete surprise she sat still and allowed two girls with ear guns to TOUCH her lobes and even pierce her skin. All of you who know my daughter know that she is SOOOO shy. But for the sake of the earrings... she loosened up. And she didn't cry until after it was all said and done. Nothing a lollipop couldn't fix by the way. The girls at Claire's boutique really did a phenomenal job with her. They were patient and compassionate. They were much appreciated.

Well, that's my update. Sorry I haven't been consistent to post monthly. I will try to do better but odds are... I won't. Terrible I know.

Oh- one more thing... I just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all... even if you don't read this till later. I am so grateful to each and everyone of you that are in our lives. We are who we are individually and as a family because of your influence, friendship and love for us. Know that we are grateful and don't take any of you for granted.

And a special HI to my newest friends... Katie and Moses. One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE working at the Gap is because you guys are there. (And Lizzie-Lou-Who too.) I have loved our jaunts away from work even more (except the part where you ignored Grey's to advance a resume'). You guys are awesome and I'm blessed to add you to the list of the many that I am grateful for this year.

Thanks again to all that read this post- I don't know why you do it but again, I'm grateful.

Until next year- (odds are... I won't make it back for a post before January.)

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Anonymous said...

wow. i'm so hurt. i'm checking out your blog for the first time ever, and to my complete dismay, you don't even mention myself as one of the reasons you enjoy your job so much. now, i know what you are thinking and i agree, i don't have as cool of a nickname as "lizzy-lou-who" but seriously, not even a name drop.

but in all honesty. very cool blog chelle. while kyleea has completely set herself up for teenage embaressment with her newest do, it is not as bad as you had me believing.