Monday, February 5, 2007

My Life as a SAHM...

7°F Feels Like-9°F
Updated Feb 5 06:45 p.m. ET
UV Index: Low
Wind:From W at 15 mph
Pressure:30.48 in.
Dew Point:-6°F
Visibility:10.0 miles
I copied this from "the weather channel" internet site as it will serve to prove my entire point today.

There are times I find myself amazed at all that we as stay at home moms(SAHM's) are able to accomplish in a day. And not just any day... a day filled with treacherous weather conditions. Despite my desire to lay around in my Gap PJs, under blankets, with cocoa in one hand and a remote in the other... I dressed the wee ones in their snow gear (see last post for all that entails) and ventured out to do the things we SAHM's do... accomplish things so we can cross them off our To-Do list.

The reason I post about this today is because a few weeks ago Paul had the kids for 10 days or so while I worked "full time" at the Gap. The things he said, couldn't do, and or complained about during that time were almost comical. NOW... let me enter my disclaimer here... I did my fair share of complaining about working "Full Time" for 10 days because I am not used to it and it is a different world than what I endure on a usual basis. Paul was in the same boat and for that I extend much grace.

That being said... the things he called me about while I was at work included- "What do I feed the children??"(Answer- anything currently located in the cabinets or refrigerator)"Where are the membership cards to the science center?"(Answer- on the computer desk where it's been since it arrived!) and my personal favorite... which can be heard daily when I work full time and EVERY SUNDAY MORNING when we are reddin' up for church, "Where do you keep the socks? pants? shirts?" (Answer- I'll have to think about that one as I hide them daily just to joke with you and well, to make my life more hectic... it would be silly of me to keep them in the same place they've been since the day we moved into the house FOUR years ago.) NICE. And well, the best of all- "I couldn't keep them quiet when I dropped something off at work so I just bought a pizza for lunch." (He complains frequently that I waste money buying the kids lunch on the road because although it's's costly.) and "I couldn't get the house clean because everytime I tried to clean one room they were in the other decimating it." (NO WAY!!! REALLY) AND this one, "I couldn't get to Walmart today to buy groceries because I have ALL THREE KIDS and well... " I can't even answer that one... as if having three children is a disease that limits functionability. (Is that a word? Best to act like it is at this point.)

My point in all this is to tell you that


And to be honest... I'm not sure women in general could. Babysitters, Nannies, Aunts, Cousins...probably all would've thrown in the towel today. The slippers would've stayed on, DVD's would have been played, bon-bons would've been eaten and well, the average NON-MOM would have called out of their child-rearing, errand running duties today.

I however, braved the elements today as I filled my gas tank in sub-zero temperatures... I stuck to the budget as I resisted Panera's Caramel Latte' (WICKED HARD TO DO after getting gas in -9 degree wind chills) AND I got groceries AT WALMART with three children in SNOW GEAR!!!

We SAHM's are Hereos. We stop for nothing. We accomplish our tasks regardless of weather, illness, fatigue, pain, time constraints, and/ or lack of desire. WE ARE AMAZING.

OK, I'm done tooting our horns.


Sarahb44 said...

Thanks for the morning humor! You are too much :D. You kids are so precious!
Love, Sarah in warm(er) NC :P

Chelle' said...

HI SARAH! I love that you logged on. Email me so we can catch up.

Tara said...

I, I KNOW, I actually heard trumpets at the end of reading that post. Actually, I think it was the song from the Bravada Nurses commercial, but whatever. You ARE a hero. :)

Chelle' said...

HILARIOUS. I'd inform you how funny you are and to get your own blog but well... I read it daily already.
Thanks for posting on mine. :)