Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My FAVORITE flowers...

I'm not going to begin this post with a lie... of course my favorite flower is ANY flower my husband thinks to buy for me particularly when there's NO holiday or reason for said flower purchase. That being said, were I to pick a flower out of all the flowers in the world to have sitting spotlighted on my dining room table it would be... BABY TULIPS!!!

They were the very flowers I selected to carry down the aisle the day we were wed... they are the flowers I anticipate for in all major celebratory events (in our home/family) and they are the flowers I came home to on Sunday for which there was no cause.

HOWEVER, I can say now, that they couldn't have arrived on a better day. There was a large misunderstanding at work and a girl I work with had her feelings hurt and I was the cause. It was completely unintentional but she didn't think so which in turn led me to feel terrible. The entire event, and yes it became an event sadly, ended with me in tears and coming home feeling BLAH!

BUT here, as I walked up the steps, were more than a dozen of my FAVORITE FLOWERS.

Isn't it great when your favorite flowers arrive for no reason at all on a day you need them the most?

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Carolyn said...

BEAUTIFUL and very thoughtful! Tulips are my very favorite flower as well! Love ya girl!