Thursday, June 7, 2007

Conversations with the Kids...

Hmmmm... which child's story should I share first???? I'll go with K-girl.

This morning, while at breakfast, I put cash on the table ($14.10) to cover the check. I thought the server would come back and take it but apparently this restaurant makes you take it to the front to pay a cashier. That's fine... and necessary I suppose for the rest of this story to happen.

As my money sat on the table I saw a little hand come from the other side and hover over the funds. Two little blue eyes peered up from table level as if asking if she could take said funds.

I asked, "What are you doing??"

She responded, "Can I see your money?"

Knowing exactly how much was there I said, "Sure! But don't lose it. It's for our breakfast."

She took the dime (Poor thing doesn't know enough to take the bills...) and started looking at it. As if she'd never seen a coin before. Flipping it over, cupping it in her hand. Just plain examining it. I got bored watching her look at it so I looked around, checked in with the boys etc.

Next thing I know, Big Girl, is leaning back in the booth and squeezing that dime into her front jean short pocket. She catches my eye... knowing full well she is caught!!! To which I ask,

"What are you doing love?"

She mumbles something quite inaudible.

"What are you doing?" I repeat.

"I'm warming it up."


"I'm warming it up for you!!"

The dime is now long gone in her pocket with what I am sure is NO HOPE of getting it back.

And her quick and classic tag line...

"Want me to warm up the paper money too??"


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