Thursday, June 7, 2007

MORE converstions with the kids...

And onto the second Kid Conversation of the day...
the star- B-BOY.

So- post breakfast I set up the pool in the backyard as Sandcastle (the Pittsburgh waterpark that we have a membership to) isn't open daily until June 9th..... and I begin SUNBLOCKING the kids. B-boy is always the "You go first" kid. He let his siblings get blocked and start playing outside so that it was just him and me in the dining room.

I tell him, while applying sunblock "It's most important to be sure your neck, shoulders, and cheeks have sunblock." But I continue to block him all over.

I then jokingly say, "Your boobs should be fine." Knowing full well he is going to be embarrassed I used a "girl word" while talking about him.

The exchange then goes as follows-

"I don't have boobs."

"Oh yeah- what are these things here?"

"Ummm... well, ummm... at least mine don't grow!"

To which, I assure you I've lost my composure by this point and am laughing. And I follow with something he doesn't understand but sure made me giggle all the more..

"Oh yeah, well Mommy's didn't grow either until I had you!!" (So inappropriate I know but unavoidable at the time.)

"Huh? So- yours didn't grow till you were a TEENAGER???"

HAVE MERCY BOY!!! Which way do I want to attack this? The fact that I have to admit I really DIDN'T have them when I was a TEENAGER (counseling still required) OR...the fact that my kid thinks I had him when I was a TEENAGER!!!

Needless to say, I let it go at that. I'll let him figure it all out in due time. (Or I'll let his dad deal with him.) Either way,


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