Friday, June 8, 2007

Random Utterings...

A baseball player- for whatever reason, dropped his glove while going back for a long ball. So- as most normal people would, he continued to the ball and extending his BARE HANDS... he CAUGHT IT! WHAT??? I'm waiting for this clip to surface on youtube so I can link it here. You have to see this, in my opinion, STUPID GUY!!!

Paris Hilton, thankfully, is in the LA county court this morning HOPEFULLY be sent back to her fake jail cell. What was the nonsense that allowed her released yesterday at 2am credited with 5 days served (lets count them shall we... Sunday- entered jail at 11:30pm - clearly one day served, Monday-day 2 served, Tuesday-day 3 served, Wednesday-day 4 served, Thursday- leaves jail at 2am... clearly day 5 served... WHAT!!!!!!!!) Anyway, the sentencing judge gets wind of this ridiculous situation yesterday and is outraged. He calls her back to the court room this morning at nine to what I can only assume is to send her celebrity, non-responsible, better than everyone, spoiled, rich butt BACK TO HER CELL! Hopefully for the original sentence too... :)

While the judge is at it, I'm hoping he puts the sheriff in jail for letting her out against his orders. NICE. Maybe he could put the sheriff in jail with this Idol Contestant.... that would be a serving REAL TIME. (I know this guy is in a previous post...but how could I resist using him again?)

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