Friday, June 8, 2007

RESTORED... my FAITH in the "system."

It was announced minutes ago that Paris Hilton was remanded by the Sheriff's Department and ordered to serve the rest of her sentence in PRISON!!! I feel bad saying that this sentence made my week but it did. What are we saying to children, young adults, young women, and well people in general when we allow Paris to cheat the system and "serve her sentence" in the comforts of her 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom house? What are we saying when a Sheriff overturns a Judge's original sentence because he is dealing with a "celebrity."

Aren't we saying that there is no accountability for the wealthy, the known, the powerful?? Aren't we saying that money buys freedom and allows for someone to be ABOVE the law? I mean, the idea that she would get away with wreckless driving, and TWO driving on suspended licesenses WHILE under the influence... I mean- money should not be able to take away the consequences of such STUPID decisions.

A problem with this world is our lack of accountability and ownership. Furthermore- a lack of ENFORCEMENT is also an issue. We allowed her to skate by with a DUI with nothing more than a slap on the wrist and parole. (No driving for 36 months.) YEAH SURE!!! She then gets stopped for weaving in and out of traffic while under the influence and the officer notes she is on parole and what happens?? NOTHING! So she skates by TWICE. (ALL which driving while under the influence.) *Sidenote- are we STUPID!!! If we as a society, as a justice system, as the "Courts" don't enforce consequences aren't we ASKING for this behaviour to continue??? Aren't we, in essence, ENCOURAGING IT????* And then Paris is pulled over for the THIRD time- also Driving under the influence on a suspended license. NICE. And this finally leads her before the judge that sentences her to jail only to have her family BUY the sheriff for an early release.

THANK GOD the sentencing judge wouldn't hear a thing of it. Thank God he realizes the significance of this matter. Thank God he sent a patrol car to her house in the Hills to pick her up (in handcuffs) to stand before him in the court house. THANK GOD he told her that for her own good he was holding her to the sentence of JAIL!!! What a message he is sending. And hopefully she really will learn something. 45 days in jail just might show her a thing or two.

Of the lessons I hope she learns

1. Driving is a responsibility and a privilege. It is not to be taken lightly and is most certainly NEVER to be done following alcohol. I don't care who you are or what the circumstances are. (Lindsay Lohan... take note of prior statement. .. you too could learn a lesson here- particularly if that was cocaine recently found in your wrecked mercedes.)

2.YOU are accountable for your actions. Should you choose to break the law, ie- drive wrecklessly. or- drive under the influence. or- drive TWICE on a suspended license... Ummm- deal with the consequences. (And thank God the consequences weren't manslaughter charges as an accident could have claimed the life/lives of innocent drivers, passengers, and or pedestrians.)

3. Celebrity and/or money does not equal a free pass. You are not above the law. And I hope your time alone in your cell helps you gain perspective and humility.

Alright- that is all I have on the topic. I'm annoyed that I'm talking about it but it really is on my mind today.

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Pam said...

You go girl! I like when you blog about current events :) What do you think about the preacher's wife who may get out in 60 days for killing her husband???