Friday, June 8, 2007

Just for you Pam

I'm TICKED about the preacher's wife. TICKED. Three years was her sentence. Three years for killing her SLEEPING husband. Three years for standing 2 feet from her husband of 10 years with a shotgun. Three years for killing him when he posed NO THREAT at the time. Three years????

What is this world coming to?

The kicker about her sentence???? According to the specifics of her sentencing- she must serve at least 210 days of her sentence (quick calender check... rough estimate- SEVEN MONTHS.) but since she's been in jail since she MURDERED her husband 143 days ago... and because the judge is allowing her to to serve 60 days in a mental rehabilitation establishment... she may technically only have to serve 7 more days behind bars.


I have had Lyme Disease longer than this lady has been in jail. And let me tell you- Lyme Disease is a scarier situation than jail (Trust me on this one.) and there's no end in sight for my "lyme sentence"... and I didn't even kill anyone to get this terrible sentence.

But here she is counting her days left in jail on her hands. What in the world? Where is Judge Sauer (Paris Hilton's Judge) when you need a voice of reason in the court system????

And so- THAT is what I think of the Preacher's wife. She's a selfish, spiteful, vengeful woman that took matters into her own hands when clearly reconciliation or termination of relationship were options and she MURDERED the man she'd previously married. She went against her pledge to her husband, her vow to the Lord, and all things noble and pure to KILL the man that shared her bed. And most alarming and disconcerting... in doing so she left her three beautiful daughters FATHERLESS.

What a selfish, stupid, near unforgivable woman.

Thanks Pam for asking... :)

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Pam said...

I agree :). Thanks for posting about is really incomprehensible to me....