Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Few Blog Flashbacks...

I've recently given my blog address to a few new friends, and coworkers, so I wanted to note a few of my favorite posts so they wouldn't be OVERWHELMED with my gazillion previous blog posts.

Feel free to read any of the following (by clicking on the green date)- most are meant to bring about a chuckle... and ALL assume that your life in some way reflects the insanity commonly blogged about in mine. Enjoy!! (And WELCOME!!)

February 5th: My life as a SAHM (if you are a stay at home mom... you'll love this.)

February 8th: K-girl gives herself a mullet just 2 weeks before her 3rd Birthday. NICE. (If all you see is the pictures... this post is WORTH your time.) *

February 16th: In sickness and in health... A day in the life of LYME.

March 19th:
No Skiing Allowed... how I became HIS.

March 20th: The bathing children debate... (If you have kids... this one will make you chuckle.)

April 8th: Easter Tribute... video titled... It's Friday, but Sunday's coming.

May 1st:
Kelly Clarkson Video... Up to the Mountain. (WATCH THIS!) *

May 3rd: An example of thoughtfulness... from my daughter.

May 6th: First Pedicure Experience

May 24th: Annual Picture of K-girl in MY wedding dress. *


June 6th: 15 second video clip of my daughter and my bra... hmmmm?

June 8th: Restoration of faith in "The System" via Paris Hilton's SECOND incarceration.

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Carolyn said...

Hey Chelle' - thanks for your comment on my graduation tribute to "my kids"! They actually had Joe Scarborough - interesting!
So....I'm still waiting for you to assemble and post your 100 things about you! ;) Hope you are starting your week off with Jesus as your rock! Love ya!