Thursday, January 24, 2008

Health Update...

My IV team was here today. They come weekly to change the dressing on my PICC line, draw blood to be sure my kidneys and liver are tolerating the meds well, and to check my vitals and symptoms.

My hope was that I would have only POSITIVE things to tell her today. I really hoped I would be able to sing the praises of God through this medicine regarding the remission of the Lyme Disease. Unfortunately- that's not quite how the conversation went.

She asked me if I've been dizzy or if I've been having vision problems. I was surprised because usually I don't have either of those things on a regular basis but recently I've been EXHAUSTED! It's been difficult to read the computer as at times, it goes blurry. And dizziness and nausea have been my cohorts. I have spent the last two afternoons ASLEEP while my children occupy themselves. (How terrible is that?) Then I realized that she asked me those things and wondered how she knew... "Your blood pressure's pretty low... those symptoms are customary with L.B.P" she respoded.

I'm supposed to drink more. Apparently dehydration has a lot to do with blood pressure. I'll have to really think about drinking as I don't feel like doing much these days. I'm supposed to STOP doing everything else and rest. (Ironically she saw that I have three children and talked to me about homeschooling.)

I am ready for God to reach in here and move mightily. It's clear that the medical world doesn't have a grasp on how to handle this... it'll be HIM or nothing. And I am more on the side of Him... good think I'm more on the side of Him. :)

Thanks for praying.


Mari said...

I'm sorry you are dealing with this now. It's not easy for a Mom to just stop and rest. Keep drinking - that will help your blood pressure, rest when you can and keep praying. I'll be praying too.

Tara said...

Praying for you...

Joanne said...


My heart can feel your disappointment. I have been dealing with discouragment myself lately and after reading your post today, know that I have no reason AT ALL to feel that way.

Stop beating yourself up for being tired, nauseaus or not feeling like being some cartoon mom that does it all. This is a season my friend, and like all seasons this too shall one day pass, let the kids watch TV or a movie and have peace knowing that Praise God, you can be beside them resting on the couch while they do.

Praying for you to have a much better weekend. Now go and drink some water! That is an order!!!

Love, Joanne