Friday, February 8, 2008

An Understandable Mistake...

A few nights ago, Paul and I were sitting on the couch around 7:30pm. He was all yawns... BIG YAWNS. As though he couldn't stay awake one more second. He is usually wide awake until 10:30pm or so... causing me to question his fatigue.

I had the flu last week and the kids were taking their turns coming down with it as well so I wondered if maybe Paul was manifesting this flu a little differently than we did. Fatigue first vs. Headache, sore throat, hacking cough, congestion etc.

In an effort to figure this out, between yawns, we had this conversation,

Me: What's the deal? What are you all Yawn-y?

Him: I don't know.

Me: Are you sick? Are you starting with the flu?

Him: No! Other than being extremely tired... I feel great. I've been eating better and taking supplements.

His statement prompted a thought process that ended with me in the kitchen where I keep my meds, supplements, etc. What I found made me giggle. (Alright... it actually made me LAUGH... out loud as if to implicate him in his own fatigue.)

Conversation continued-

Me: What "supplements" are you taking?

Him: A mens multi, vitamin C, that new probiotic thing you just got....

Me: (Showing him the big box of probiotics...) Oh... you mean these probiotics?
Him: No! The ones in the blister pack.

I have to just stop the story there as only a picture can do the rest justice.... Here's the "blister pack" he assumed was "probiotics..."

It's really no wonder that a man who still has no clue WHERE the children's socks can be found... ended up YAWNING on our couch at 7:30pm after acquiring his own "VITAMINS". To his credit however, I have included a picture of the abundance of meds he had to choose from in his quest for health.


Mari said...

I think he'll be a lot more alert once he stops taking that particular "vitamin"!

Tara said...

This is SO funny!!!!
A few months ago Pam and I were visiting Dana and Kelly. Pam stayed with Kelly and woke up with a headache or cramps or something so she took some Alleve. wasn't was Tylenol PM that Kelly had put in the Alleve bottle (can you say dangerous??!!). She was soooo out of it and grumpy all day long.

girlymom said...

Ha ha ha~ My Hubby just looked over at me, Yeah I am seriously getting a good chuckle at this! I cannot take anything that makes you drowsy because it knocks me on my a$$! Nigh Night to your Hubby. Better luck next time. Hey, what's probiotics anyways?

A Stone Gatherer said...

Too Funny!

Beth said...

Ha Ha! I bet he got a good night's sleep!

Lucille said...

Hi there - blog jumping tonight and found you thru Red Door I think.

That was hysterical and something I WOULD do!

Thanks for the chuckle!