Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Geography Quiz..

In an effort to be a bit smarter... geographically speaking... I have found a website that offers a fun way to learn and test my geographical knowledge. I started a few days ago with the US map. Learning where all the states were. (Did you think I was practicing states, capitals and major cities... hilarious!) I'm happy to report I was scoring 150 out of 150 within two days. WOO-HOO! I'm not dumb after all.

Today I ventured into Europe. Thought I should learn those countries as well. I have to tell you I didn't even take the test when I first went to that map. I hit the "help" button to see where everything was. BOY O BOY was I surprised to see how many countries are part of Europe. (Was that a little too much ignorance printed for all the world to see? )

After looking at the map for a while I thought I would at least TRY to find a few on the test. Norway, Italy, Vatican City, Turkey, Spain, Iceland... NICE! And then the test asked me to find Russia (Kaliningrad). Well that's an easy one I thought. It's the huge one on the top right of the continent... right???? WRONG!!!

I hit the big country pridefully and looked to the right where it verifies my correct choices in the "result" box to find.... "No, that's Russia, try again." Interesting I thought to myself. Isn't Russia what I am looking for? But apparently- it isn't... or wasn't. Whatever the case.. I learned today that there is a Russia in Europe... and a smaller, less notable Russia (Kaliningrad).

Who knew?

And as a personal side- I don't think it's very nice of you to laugh at me regarding this situation considering we're all aware of the fact that I didn't even know where Arkansas was three days ago. (It's fair of you to laugh... just not nice.)

:0) Oh, here's the site for you as I know you want to see how much smarter you are than me...

(It won't take much!)


Mari said...

I'll be trying this. I'm pretty good at the states, but not so good outside of the US. Thanks!

Jess said...

Girl, You are WAY braver than I am, if you were trying your hand at RUSSIA!! It took me several rounds to even get all the US states correct!! :0 How sad is that?? However, I am feeling MUCH smarter now. :)